Need to blow off some steam or just feel like breaking stuff? The Mess Hall offers a fun and safe environment to do just that! In our smash room, you will get 20 breakable items. Enjoy smashing for 30 minutes for just $35 + tax. For your safety, you are required to wear closed toe shoes. Face shield and gloves will be provided. Must be 10 and older. 10 – 15 with an adult. 16 up is fine without an adult.

*BYO breakable items! You can now bring up to 20 breakable items for only $25. All items will need to be pre-approved upon arrival. Items cannot have a screen.

smash room rochester mn


1-2 People

$30/person for 45 minutes of smashing with 20 breakable items.

3-6 People

$30/person for 60 minutes of smashing with 20 breakable items.

6+ People

$30/person for 1.5 hours of smashing with 20 breakable items.

Add ons:

$5 – colored powder bomb | $15 – 10 more glass items | $3 – Electronic

Rules For the Smash Room

Wear face shield and gloves at all times when in the smash room.
Stay on your side of the yellow line
Play nice.
Only smash items given to you.
Only two people can smash at a time.
Grip smashing tool tightly.
Be aware of time limit
No throwing items.
Only hit towards black wall.
Be safe, responsible & respectful.