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Please be safe, responsible and respectful in both the smash and the splatter rooms. We highly recommend wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt in the smash room. We reserve the right to end your session if we think its necessary. All rooms are video monitored for your safety. Thank you! **Cancelation policy: Any cancelations done within 24 hours of appointment date will not be refunded. There is no charge to reschedule which can be done at any time.

Rules For The Smash Room

  • Wear face shield and gloves at all times when in the smash room.
  • Stay on your side of the yellow line
  • Play nice.
  • Only smash items given to you.
  • Only two people can smash at a time.
  • Grip smashing tool tightly.
  • Be aware of time limit
  • No throwing items.
  • Only hit towards black wall.
  • Be safe, responsible & respectful.