splatter paint room rochester mn


Want to make a mess? The Mess Hall offers a fun and a creative way to splatter glow in the dark paint in our black light rooms without having to clean up! For just $25 + tax, you get to have a blast splattering paint with 4 squirt bottles for 30 minutes straight. Chose from blue, red, purple, yellow and green colors! We supply you with containers and paint brushes and add on options of 11 x 14 canvas, ponchos and aprons are available as well. You must be at least 3 years of age to join in on this fun filled room. We use is a non toxic neon black light paint for safety.


Need to blow off some steam or just feel like breaking stuff? The Mess Hall offers a fun and safe environment to do just that! In our smash room, you will get 2 electronics and 20 glass items for. Enjoy smashing for 30 minutes for just $30 + tax. For your safety, you are required to wear long sleeves, pants and closed toe shoes. Face shield and gloves will be provided.

smash room rochester mn